Thursday, December 15, 2011

State Conference at Turning Stone Resort and Casino

I am currently getting ready to go into my last semester here at SUNY Cortland and am trying to make the most of any resources that I can; thus I decided to attend the state conference this year.  It was the best decision that I've made yet in my college career (other than choosing to come to Cortland- :-) P   I was able to watch so many awesome presentations and learned so much!  When I returned from the conference (on Saturday), my brain literally "hurt" from all the information that I had in it from just those couple days there.  I met so many amazing people, a couple of teachers in particular who really inspired me.  I've since contacted them and am going to observe a couple of their classes over winter break.  I can hardly wait!  I am so excited!  Since going to the conference, all I want to do is find ways in which to better prepare myself as a teacher.  Attending the conference was exactly what I needed to inspire me and, for those of you reading this that haven't attended PE conference, I highly reccommend making the time to go to the next conference.  I cannot wait to go the National Conference in Boston this March!!!  I cannot emphasize enough-  Go to the Conference!!!!!  You will walk away with an entirely different mindset.  It will open door for you, you will meet amazing, inspiring people, and it is so much fun!!!!  I promise that you will not be disapointed!!!! 

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