Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adirondack Extreme!!!!

This past weekend, my friends Mackenzie and Pete, went with me on a little road trip that was WELL worth it.  We decided to take a car ride up to the Adirondacks, about an 1 1/2 hrs.north of Albany, to a lovely place called Adirondack Extreme.  For all you PE majors: I HIGHLY recommend taking a day and going there to try it out.  Adirondack Extreme is the largest aerial tree top adventure course in the United States!  It consists of numerous different challenges and many fun zip line opportunities as well.  As much fun as it is, it is very challenging.  There are several different obstacles, some being cargo nets to climb up and across, rock walls to climb, bridge activities to defeat, and monkey bars to traverse across.  The course consists of five different levels, with each level getting progressively more difficult and higher in the trees.  By the last course (the black course) you are 50-60 feet up in the trees!!  The course is extremely challenging, requiring you to have a good deal of upper body strength, as well as core strength.  It is an amazing workout and you WILL be sore the next day.  In  my opinion, the most challenging part of the course is called "the Leap of Faith", which is where you have to walk off a platform that is a good 50 feet up in the hair with just a rope to hold on to (you are harnessed in).  The rope does not catch any slack until you approach the ground, where it suddenly throws you into a giant cargo net, which you have to grab onto and climb up until you reach the saftely of the platform.  The toughest part of this is the feeling that you are free-falling, until (all of sudden when it seems you are about to hit the ground) the rope pulls taunt and catches slack.  The course costs $40 and takes anywhere from 3-4 hours to complete.  If you google "Adirondack Extreme" it will take you right to their website, where you can check them out.  I highly recommend taking the time to get a group together and do this!  You will not regret it.  It is in a beautiful location and the course is set up very creatively.  I cannot begin to emphasize how much FUN this is!  One of the gentlemen that works there (whom I happen to know) informed me that they have people travel from all over the state to come complete this course.  So- take the time and go complete the entire course!- And- if you do so, make sure and tell me all about it!!!!! 

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